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By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Saturday, June 13

In this painful and critical moment of our common life, Grace Cathedral stands committed to the deep and ongoing work of anti-racism. Our baptismal covenant calls us to renounce the evil powers of this world...

Grace and GLIDE’s Who Is Your Neighbor Series

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Wednesday, April 29

At the beginning of 2020, Grace Cathedral and Glide Memorial Church partnered to create a series of community discussions called Who Is Your Neighbor.  To pull-together an increasingly divided city, we joined hands to discuss issues including systemic racism, poverty and climate change, seeking to build...

A Prayer For These Uncertain Times

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Tuesday, March 17

As people across the Bay Area, across the United States and around the world enter into a time of sheltering-in-place, quarantine, and increased social isolation, the Rev. Canon Dr. Ellen Clark-King wrote this prayer to...

Responding to the Church of England’s Statement of Civil Partnerships

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Tuesday, January 28

In response to the statement The House of the Bishops of the Church of England made in their recent Pastoral Statement on Civil Partnerships, we at Grace Cathedral will continue to take delight in marrying...

Protecting Children at the Border

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Wednesday, June 26

Many of us have been watching the detention of children and adults at our southern border with growing disgust and despair. Here is one way for those of us who are clergy to respond and...

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