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How Do We Heal our Dis-ease?

By The Rev. Anna Rossi

Thursday, April 23

How can we heal together if we can’t even see one another’s dis-ease? Like COVID-19, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict knows few borders, and flares across boundaries. In the absence of visionary leadership, the old wounds of division...

Living Faithfully with COVID-19

By The Rev. Anna Rossi

Tuesday, March 24

We journey through Lent, now as we shelter in place in San Francisco and wherever you may be. The Rev. Anna Rossi shares her insight, reminding us of eternal hope and going back to the...

A Prayer for When We Miss the Sacraments

By The Rev. Anna Rossi

Thursday, March 19

We believe God shows up with outward, physical signs, not just spiritual “ether,” so church can be totally disorienting without the gathering, and without the symbols and mysteries of our tradition. Here’s how the Rev....

Interfaith Understanding in Israel and Palestine

By The Rev. Anna Rossi

Wednesday, January 29

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is among the most intractable in modern history. The “peace deal” put forth by the White House offers dim hope for a just and lasting resolution to the conflict. Whatever the shape...

Annual Meeting Recap

By The Rev. Anna Rossi

Thursday, January 31

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, January 27. So much happened in the Year of Truth, and so much is planned for the Year of the Body. Gresham...

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