About the Congregation

The congregation of Grace Cathedral is a loving, active community of about 500 households. Our congregation includes families and singles, children and seniors, and LGBTQ and straight people, with a wide diversity of ethnicities, interests and backgrounds.

We come together to worship, to support each other, to learn, to enjoy cultural and other events at the cathedral, to volunteer and to build fellowship and friendship. Grace Cathedral is a home for us.

The cathedral is a house of prayer for all.

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We are grateful for the beautiful cathedral building, and for the worship services that take place there every single day of the year.

We love to gather as a family for Sunday worship, with four very different worship options every Sunday.

We take advantage of the many opportunities for education, growth and exploration of arts and culture that the cathedral offers to everyone.  And we are thrilled to have two schools on our grounds, the Cathedral School for Boys  and The Community Preschool.

A lot of us are involved in various service ministries or volunteer activities that define our congregation, such as Bayview Mission, Dinner with Grace and the Jail Ministry.

As a congregation, we don’t stand alone. We are part of the Diocese of California and blessed to have  the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus as our Bishop. Our  Deanery Delegates ensure our close cooperation with the Diocese of California and all its vibrant, diverse local groupings of parishes, missions and congregations.

We are led by our dean, the Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young, the cathedral Board of Trustees and our  Congregation Council, an organization of elected representatives from the congregation working to empower, enable, and enlarge the ministry to, and within, the life of the cathedral.

We feel grateful for the generations that have built Grace Cathedral and for its positive effect on our city and the planet. In the 1930s, the Cathedral made a name for itself supporting the labor movement. In the 1950s we established the Cathedral School for Boys and the Choir of Men and Boys, which continue to be important to our ministry. In the 1960s we continued to speak out on civil rights and were a leading advocate for liturgical reform and the ordination of women. In the 1980s and 1990s, the cathedral was at the forefront of serving homeless people and those suffering with HIV/AIDS. Today and as we look to the future, we will continue to make the world whole and joyful through the inspiration of Jesus.

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