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Grace Cathedral

Article | June 14, 2024

Congregation Update: Music That Makes The Spirit Move

Blog|The Rev. Joe C. Williams

Dear friends,

I remember my first time attending a service at Grace Cathedral. I had just been called as Succentor, and had just embarked on a new journey across the country. I was eager to get started as well as a bit apprehensive about mundane things like remembering names, learning choreography and all the particulars that can go along with a position that deals with liturgical practices. When I arrived, I was told we would have CircleSongs before the service. I had no idea what it was, but I looked forward to participating.

Before the service, Bobby McFerrin and Motion were verged out and began – their sounds filled the cathedral space, people stood and danced, participated in melodic calls and responses, and pure joy filled the cathedral. At that moment, I knew that I had come to the right place – a place that reimagined church and left open ways for the spirit to move. Bobby McFerrin and Motion have played an integral part in the cathedral during their time as Artist In Residence, teaching us to be free before the service, participating as guest musicians during special services, and leading a weeklong camp for those interested in walking with them on their artistic journey.  

This Sunday, June 16, at 10:30 am, will be the last regular Circlesongs; please join us before the 11 am service to sing, dance, and show your appreciation for the wonderful gift Bobby and Motion have given to the cathedral community.

This Sunday, we will also welcome the Rev. Dr. Susanna Singer, another well-known figure, to the cathedral and diocese at the 8:30 am and 11 am service as our guest preacher. Susanna is an Episcopal priest, educator, and current President of the Board of Episcopal Community Services. In 2020, she retired from full-time ministry as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley. After Circlesongs (or before!), join us as we hear her prophetic voice.

There are always so many wonderful things happening at the cathedral each week. Please visit the calendar on our website to learn more about events you can be a part of. I look forward to being with you Sunday.

The Rev. Joe C.Williams

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