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Article | May 13, 2024

We Otter Be Playful

Blog|Jennifer Davis

In the spirit of expansion and connection, we have created some new small group activities for our Seniors to enjoy. It is our hope that by sharing special moments with friends, old and new, our Senior community will strengthen its connection with each other and with Grace Cathedral. 

Our first small group activity in this series was a visit to The Aquarium by the Bay for a private event, Breakfast with the Otters.

We decided to visit the Aquarium on Thursday, February 29 – Leap Day. It was an unforgettable day of fun, learning, and fellowship. We started the morning off with a buffet breakfast (scrambled eggs, veggies, fruit, toast, juice, and coffee), and then we visited with the Otters while they had their breakfast.

The Otters ran through a caged tunnel (see image) into an area that was secured by tempered glass so we could watch them play. We also had the privilege of visiting with one of the scientists who cared for the Otters, and we learned a lot about their migration patterns and anatomy. The four Otters that we were able to visit with were all male and we were advised that most of the female Otters were down in southern California caring for their offspring. 

We were also informed that they like to play with each other in a manner like canines; they often look as if they are fighting, but they aren’t.

Afterward, we explored the Aquarium to learn about the other exhibits on display. We were greeted by a small robot on wheels who guided us around the room. The first exhibit we explored after the Otters was the Sardines and the Sharks. They even had a giant set of shark jaws with two sets of teeth on display. The jaws were so big we could have stood inside of them!

Everyone expressed delight and wonder as we walked through the Aquarium, marveling at each exhibit. We even got to pet some baby Sting Rays! To my surprise, their fins felt very soft and silky…

However, the best part of the day was how we were able to connect in a more intimate setting and learn new things about each other. Our group size was small enough that each person felt seen, heard, and safe enough to open up and share their thoughts with the entire group. I learned a lot about the group at the Aquarium!

We weren’t just learning and growing on our own but together as a group, and it showed in the way we navigated through the Aquarium together—no Senior left behind. Our group formed a single line to walk through the underground tunnels of the glass-domed tanks, which provided 3D views of the fish. We also took several group photos to commemorate the day.

We all arrived with a smile and left with one, GRATEFUL for the day of fun and each other.  

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