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Grace Cathedral

Article | April 5, 2023

Thank You For Joining Dinner With Grace!

Blog|Nicole Stahl

Greetings, DwG Friends!

“YUM!” That was the universal response when our cooking crew took their first bites of meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy just after 7:30 pm last Tuesday. Ah yes, THAT Tuesday night, dark and stormy, with winds wrenching off tree limbs and pelting rain turning puddles into lakes. But once we got to work in the Grace kitchen, I don’t think anyone noticed, other than that we were a smaller group than usual. That’s totally understandable when Mother Nature is wreaking so much havoc, so to those who couldn’t make it (especially if you had to brave a highway), absolutely no regrets or hard feelings, please. Far better to err on the side of caution, and, besides, there’s always next time!  

Jerry & Viral worked on the mashed and gravy.
Steven mixed the meatloaf as Anneliese prepared to butter the green beans.
Phoebe made the choc chip/oatmeal bars for dessert, a lot less labor intensive than cookies—and just as tasty!
Kat and Steven molded 6 beautiful, hunky meatloaves.
…and then basted them attentively to lock in the flavor.
The only thing we did differently… our devoted dishwasher and all-around helper Jim couldn’t make it, so we stacked up the dishes, pots, and pans.
Look what happened when Jim came in early on Wednesday and waved his magic dishwasher hands!
A convergence of Jim post-clean-up, arriving driver Losee, and potential driver recruit Simpson.
Marilyn and Phoebe set up the meal assembly line at the Mentone, handing out 16 in person and stacking a total of 24 for later distribution. The residents who stopped by told us they really missed us and were so happy we’re back…

Thanks go to: 

COOK:  Lead chef Anneliese, Phoebe, Kathleen, Steven, Jerry, Viral, Nicole     
REHEAT: Nicole, Phoebe  
SERVE:  Phoebe, Marilyn, Jim, Nicole 

Upcoming dates:

Mentone: April 11 & 12, May 16 & 17

Crosby: April 25 & 26, May 30 & 31

You can go to  to sign up. 

Next week Mikin is leading a reprise of the chicken enchilada casserole we made in January, this time with Costco rotisserie chickens. We’re still recruiting for lead chefs for Tuesday nights, and reheaters and new drivers(car necessary) who are free around mid-day on our serving Wednesdays. If you or someone you know might be interested, please get in touch. 

Come back and join us when you can! 

Thanks and blessings, 

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