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Grace Cathedral

Article | November 2, 2022

Grace Cathedral Support of Race Conscious Affirmative Action

Blog|The Rev. Canon Dr. Greg Kimura, Ph. D.

Earlier this week, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases challenging the practice of race-conscious affirmative action in university admissions. US universities are the envy of the world in part because their student populations reflect the rich diversity of the society and world in which we live. US universities have created this environment in part through the policies being challenged.

Grace Cathedral supports the efforts of US institutions of higher learning to ensure all of God’s people are fairly and equitably represented in their student populations. We join with faith communities and civil rights groups across the nation in calling for race-conscious affirmative action to remain one of many tools in university admissions.

We also join the Japanese American Citizens’ League, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and many other leading Asian American groups in decrying the false argument that these policies disadvantage Asian Americans and others. We denounce this notion as a fallacy designed to divide students and all Americans against each other.

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