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Article | July 5, 2022

Mind, Body, Spirit: Sound Baths as Mandalas of Sound

Blog|Sam Jackson

A sound bath is a sensory experience. Multiple musical instruments, tones, and frequencies are combined to create waves of sound inspired by peaceful intentions and healing awareness. Spiritual practices come in many forms: Buddhist sand mandalas, sensory sound baths, and guided yoga meditations, all of which are supported and sponsored by Grace Cathedral.  

Grace Cathedral’s monthly sound bath features musicians Egemen SanliPhoenix SongSam Jackson, and a rotating special guest. These musicians combine unique sounds and vibrations filled with healing and peaceful intentions similar to those held by Buddhist monks with their mandalas of sand. Mandalas are composed of spiritual symbols and geometric shapes, serving to invoke sacred space for shared intentions and functioning as tools for meditation and deep reflection. 

Just as Buddhist monks shape mandalas out of the sand, sound has the ability to shape matter as well. While we often refer to sound in the form of waves, we rarely see sound in its visible form, or so we think. Today, cymatics (the science of visible sound) studies sound wave phenomena and their visual representations. Shapes shift from amorphous or chaotic to distinct and defined, and it’s easy to see these symbols and geometric shapes as mandalas… mandalas created by waves of sound. 

We invite you to join us on Monday, July 25 at 7 pm and experience these sacred sound waves. Each person’s experience will be unique at this sound bath. Our goal is to create a shared space enabling each participant an enhanced sense of clarity, acknowledgment, acceptance, forgiveness, and release. 

May our ever-evolving mandalas of sound serve to focus the awareness of all who participate and bring a healing and restorative sense of peace to those who use this offering as the meditative tool it is intended to be.

For those interested in learning more about the science of visible sound, cymatics, and Buddhist sand mandalas:

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