Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | June 5, 2022

Meet TILT Partner Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta, Norway 


What is TILT? It is a celebration of light and music on the Summer Solstice.  TILT honors our planet, as it leans towards the sun on the longest day of the year, and it also describes what we think you will experience with this concert – a different angle on music – especially music heard in sacred spaces.  

TILT launched in 2020, and because we could not gather in person, we partnered with cathedrals across the country to present an online offering of beautiful music in beautiful spaces. We are excited to open the cathedral doors for an in-person experience this year, and we so enjoyed our partnerships over the last two years, that we have continued that tradition this year. 

Meet our European partner, Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta, Norway, where the sun rises on the solstice nine hours earlier than we see it here. 

Alta is above the Arctic Circle, and its frequent clear skies make it an excellent location for studying the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. The “midnight sun” is above the horizon from May to July. Architectural firm Link, inspired by the night sky, designed a building shaped like a spiral that swings its way up the building to a clock tower. The cathedral, made of concrete with an outer layer of shimmering titanium sheets, was consecrated in 2013. 

For TILT, they are sharing music by their cantor Irina Girunyan on the organ together with her husband Nikolai Girunyan on the cello. The impressive organ has 29 stops and 1,800 pipes. 

Join us for TILT In-person on Monday, June 20, 8 to 9:30 p.m.  and online from June 21 through 26 at 

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