Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | April 7, 2022

Woyaya, We Go Together

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Dear Grace community,

In the last sound bath, I sang woyaya, we go together. In these times of great crisis, change and courage, let’s use these sound baths as a way to come together, breathing and pulsing together through a living soundscape of music that helps us remember our shared humanity, our shared divinity. Woyaya, together we are stronger as we go together.

The Grace Cathedral Sound Bath Team (Phoenix Song, vocals, flutes, didgeridoo, percussion; Egemen Sanli, sitar, santoor, strings, hand pans; and Sam Jackson, crystal bowls, gongs) is proud to bring you another monthly edition of our blissful sound experience. Every month, we invite a featured fourth musician to diversify the sound so that you can have a different listening experience each time. Some of our past and upcoming guests include Destiny Muhammad, harp; Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto, koto; Gabriel Navia, Latin guitar; Eki’Shola, jazz piano and vocals; Karamo Susso, West African kora; DJ Drez, global beats and samples, Destani Wolf, world vocals; and this month on April 25Eliyahu Sills, Middle Eastern ney, oud, Indian bansuri and bass.  
Music is a universal language. It touches us deeply. We can hear a cry of pain, a shout of joy, a whisper of peace and come back more deeply to what it means to be alive, to be human. Our inspiring sound baths will take you on a journey of the human heart and our potential to beat as one together.

I have always found music to be the best way to face, feel and give voice to all that is occurring in my heart, in the soul of the world, in the mystic realms. Music unites people to grieve and celebrate together so that we do not feel alone. Our sound baths are unique in that we not only offer healing frequencies but also a pulsing, vibrant musical journey punctuated by moments of still calm. We create a rich sound bed with many layers. Our pieces express a range of feelings — melancholy, longing, passion, calm, strength, joy — and transform all of them with love and beauty into something blissful and inspirational. Our sound waves travel through your body and touch and move the energy to help you feel compassion and joy. Our song lyrics are positive and uplifting to help us come together as a community to remember what really matters. Breath. Rest. Love. Peace. 

We hope you will join us once a month for this truly sublime experience in the majesty of Grace Cathedral with a beautiful light show to complement our music.

Woyaya, let’s go together. 


Phoenix Song

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