Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | February 14, 2022

Quiet on the Set… and…Action at Carnivale!

Blog|Peter Drake

We are filming Carnivale: A 1920s Mardi Gras for the modern era, LIVE from Grace Cathedral on March 1 at 6 pm. Join us On Set in person at the cathedral or enjoy your seat In Studio at home. With a nod to the historic groundbreaking of our beloved cathedral in 1927, we’ll joyfully celebrate the 1920s, a time of innovation and advancement in screen technology, music composition, social progress, industry and so much more.

Joining us in person? You’ll walk up the Great Steps emblazoned in gold and black with Courage, Joy and Wonder. You’re the star as you strut your stuff on the red carpet where the paparazzi can’t stop flashing their bulbs. Inside you’ll find more stylish photo ops and enjoy Prohibition-era cocktails conjuring up memories of a glamorous time and celebrating the beauty of life and love.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the 1920s, this year we have partnered with McCalls catering to offer a completely plant-based entrée dinner selection as well as a delicious fish entrée. New this year, all guests will select their dinner preference in the days leading up to the event. Two delicious dinner options make either choice a winner.

Staying at home? We’ll bring the party to you Carnivale in a box delivered to your door. Dress up or dress down, stream the party on your screen, and mix up your Ward 8 cocktails before you sit down to your three-course meal and specialty wine.

Ready to shop? The live and silent auctions will give everyone a chance to invest in the mission of our beloved cathedral. Everyone will leave with the memory of a fabulous evening as the prize, and if you act fast, you may be the winning bidder on your favorite item. The famed Wine Wall Raffle is back, so take a chance to stock your cellar with dozens of vintages.

On set and in studio—either way, you’ll experience a warm welcome and stunning décor that will evoke the playful sophistication of the 1920s as we celebrate together all evening long. The era of the Charleston dance comes alive as dazzling entertainers captivate us with their moves (Texas Tommy, anyone?) from a century ago. Will you be dancing in person or at home? It’s up to you—be sure to join in!

Dress Code? Don’t forget to bring proof of vaccination, booster and a negative Covid test within 24 hours of event start because you can count on Grace to prioritize the safety along with celebration at Carnivale. Oh, and we are swinging the cathedral doors open to let the fresh evening air optimize circulation, glam up your duds that night and bring your (faux) fur jacket or cashmere wrap – whatever keeps you warm and doesn’t cramp your style.

It’s on with the show!

– Peter Drake,
Trustee and Carnivale Set Director

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