Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | October 6, 2021

A Sacred Space for Sound

Blog|Phoenix Song

I have been a musician for over twenty years and performed at international festivals and stages. Grace Cathedral is my favorite venue, hands down. The acoustics are amazing. When I blow into my didgeridoo, a long piece of hollowed out wood, it echoes for several seconds. The natural reverb of the space allows for the earthy bass tones to penetrate every cell of your body. This indigenous instrument that the Australian aboriginal peoples used to tell the story of their dreamtime, their creation, takes you on an otherworldly journey that is even more magical and mystical in Grace Cathedral’s magnificent space with its beautiful acoustics. The light show is spectacular and complements our music. We start out with earthy tones such as buffalo drums and didgeridoo and progressively go to higher, more ethereal frequencies with gongs, crystal bowls, sitar, hand pans, and voice that are reflected in the changing colors and lights from reds to yellows to greens to blues. 

When you come to a monthly sound bath at Grace, you can sit up and watch the stunning lights interact with our moving performances, lie down and rest with your eyes closed, or do a combination of both. As a musician, I feel inspired, energized, grounded, calm, and alive with magic and miracles throughout the evening. This unforgettable experience will touch you deeply and give you the healing you need, too.  

Experiencing the soothing vibrations created through voice and ethereal instruments, this full moon sound bath is a gift we all should be so fortunate to give ourselves. As an access point to deep meditation nearly instantly, what a blessing to have this offering in such a sacred space. Within moments, the healing benefits I begin to experience are visceral and my journey toward equilibrium begins! Until that final sound, and then the silence that falls upon us all thereafter, all of my bodies find a place of balance, stillness and profound peace like no other stationary experience I have ever participated in. Please continue to share your gifts–the community needs you now more than ever.”

— LaLa
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