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Article | September 26, 2021

Stewardship Stories: Freya Magnusson

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Spoken at 9/26/21 Vesper Light: Eucharist on the Labyrinth

Grace Cathedral of San Francisco is launching its 2022 Stewardship Campaign to provide vital services to the San Francisco community. Grace is an active church in the community that exemplifies service to others in need and recognizes that our faith is demonstrated by our contributions to the service of others either by volunteering our time, giving generously of our resources or both.   

The pandemic has created hardships for many within and outside the community of Grace. I myself took a big loss with my business, was not eligible for any small business relief because I’m a sole proprietor and therefore disqualified and I know I’m not alone with this scenario. It’s a time of rebuilding for me personally and professionally as it is for many small businesses in San Francisco.  

And yet, ironically, I gave twice as much as last year as my pledge. Perhaps it’s due to the reality that I’m so blessed to be alive and not have coronavirus. Perhaps it’s that recognition of my dependence on God for all things, life and life-giving vaccines as well as counting my blessings much more frequently than I used to.  

Sometimes giving is a privilege and other times giving is a sacrifice. But when done with a clean heart and a heart of faith that trusts God will provide and abundantly so, it makes sense to give more generously than in prior years to help those so desperately in need in our community.  

Giving to Grace whether by filling out the stewardship pledge online or sending in a check, or coming to one of our many worship services or secular opportunities to gather if fully vaccinated means you are supporting a church that truly welcomes all as they are and truly supports all as they are in the spirit of unconditional love our Lord Jesus models.   

What I’ve noticed in my over 25-year walk with the Lord is when we give sacrificially and from a clean heart, He is pleased and blesses us abundantly more than we can imagine in all ways. It’s a faith test and a faith opportunity based on a spiritual principle.   

Give generously this year to Grace Cathedral and come join one of our services or gathering opportunities that may enrich your existing church life or start you out on one!  

God bless you! 

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