Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | September 10, 2021

A prayer on 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001


God of every nation:
We remember that September day so vividly,
the terror, confusion and disbelief,
the thousands dead and wounded,
the heroism of first responders
and very ordinary people.

Help us also to remember
the demonization of Muslims, Sikhs
and all who might bear resemblance to the perpetrators;
the suspicion cast on our neighbors;
and the hasty and ill-formed calls
to avenge violence with even greater violence.

Help us also to remember
that you are a God of peace,
a lover of all,
even those who hate you.

Help us also to remember
that you died to redeem
the violence of our basest instincts.

Bring the wholeness of your life
to the holes of our collective memory;
Bring the peace of your life
to the violence that infects our hearts;
Bring the love of your life
to the hate that grips us;
that by your life
we might be freed and transformed
for the love, peace and wholeness
of all life. Amen.

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