Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | August 10, 2021

Sound Bath at Grace Cathedral August 16, 2021


Grace Cathedral is famous for its music and acoustics. Experiencing sound as it travels through our souring gothic cathedral echoing from the nave to the jewel-like stained glass windows is a feast for the ears, eyes and soul.  Combine this with the artistry of this talented group of musicians, we proudly bring back the Sound Bath event for all to enjoy live on site in the Cathedral, or in your home via Live Stream.  

If you are new to Sound Bath, it can be described as a meditation class with artistically played ambient sounds guiding you into a deep meditative state, experienced in-person at Grace Cathedral, laying down in the cathedral under the glistening stained glass windows as the sun sets… or comfortably in your home where we will deliver the audio and visual experience to you.  

We asked each artist to share a little about their intentions for this Sound Bath:  

Madhu Anziani — Sound Healer / Vocal Looping Artist / Ceremonial Song Leader / Composer 

“Ancient languages carry vibrations that move through the body and activate parts of our being that may have become dormant.  Through these languages, many layers and dimensions of meaning are conveyed through each sound; within every syllable. In the languages I have studied – Hebrew, Quechua, Sanskrit, and Tibetan – sounds are evoked that reflect the essence of the awakened mind, the enlightened heart which we all share.  May this sound bath experience restore you to a sense of wholeness, aliveness, and inspiration to live your life’s highest purpose. 

“For this upcoming sound bath at Grace Cathedral, I bring the healing power of the voice.  My life is dedicated to sharing music and ceremony as a healing tool. 

“After fracturing 2 vertebrae in my neck, regaining the ability to walk, speak, and live an able-bodied life, I’ve been dedicated to sharing the techniques of voice and vibration I used to completely transform and heal myself.  It is through sound that we can unify and affect every molecule in our body, lift our spirits high, and release our hearts and minds from that which does not serve us.” 

Amber Field — Voice and Drum 

“The whole universe is vibrating with sound, but we can’t hear most of the frequencies. Music has the ability to re-tune your cells, to help you vibrate at a more optimal frequency. I have used music as a tool for my own healing and expression for the last twenty-five years. 

“When I play music, I open to becoming a divine channel, to allow spirit and ancestors and universal voices to pour through me in service of the truth of each moment, breath, emotion, and intention. All of our bodies are playing music, but we can’t hear most of the frequencies. As I play my instruments and my body instrument through singing, I hope you feel life vibrating in every cell, calling you back home, to your wholeness, to our oneness, to the earth, sky, and great universe.” 

Sam Jackson — Crystal Bowls / Gongs / Frame Drum /Bells 

“I love exploring unique musical instruments… and I’m held by the way music ‘feels.’ Crystal bowls and gongs are resonant tools as readily felt as heard.  

“In this upcoming Sound Bath, I’m blending vibrational crystal bowls and gongs with Amber, Ege and Madhu’s resonant strings and vocal soundscapes for an ambient space to move deeper into a sense of “rooting” wherever you are, and being centered in whatever you’re doing.” 

Egemen Sanli — Sitar & Steelpan Drums 

“For this Sound Bath, my intention is to co-create a space of expression with other talented musicians in which everyone attending can enter into a deep meditative, contemplative space. I am very excited to be able to fill Grace Cathedral with music that feeds the soul. I hope to be able to lift the veil between listener and performer through intentional listening and musical expression.” 

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