Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | May 17, 2021

Reflections on the Year of Healing

Blog|Peggy Patterson

Early one Saturday morning I arrived at the Cathedral to find one of our incredible media colleagues heading inside with his large camera bag in tow. “What are you going to shoot on such an early Saturday morning?” I asked.

“Oh, I am just going to follow the LIGHT to get some new shots of the windows. I’ll move with the LIGHT to find the most beautiful colors.”

Now, each time I attend the 5:15 Evensong or watch the Sunday livestream, I see the jewel tones of Grace’s windows in a new light. As they overlay the scenes of celebration at the Altar or rise above the voices of the choristers singing Magnificat, or accompany the fadeout of my own short Evensong homily, the brilliant windows invite me to pray.

The light of the windows bathes me in that original LIGHT the photographer was seeking and following that morning.

Healing is a sensory experience—touch, sight, gentle pressure, and sometimes the Creator’s LIGHT coming through the deep blues and ruby reds of Grace Cathedral’s windows heals my soul as it washes over me.

Even in the virtual reality of livestreamed services, the colors dancing from the windows, the angelic sounds of choristers’ voices, and the prayerful silence bring healing to a soul weary of virtual gatherings… and eager to see what happens when the real LIGHT of the Creator comes through the windows of Grace and touches us with God’s presence and healing Grace.

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