Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | December 8, 2020

Yoga with Grace: The December Reflection Series


The yoga community at Grace Cathedral is excited to announce a new series of yoga practices for the month of December, with music, uplifting words and asanas to feed your body and soul. This special series will feature a new practice each week, focusing on how the experience of the pandemic connects to cathedral art and architecture, our 120-year history, Christian tradition, and yogic spiritual principles.

The first practice is called Resilience. This moment is an opportunity to learn how to face challenges, bounce back and keep moving forward. The Rev. Canon Jude Harmon shares the remarkable story of a wedding chalice created in 1868, and its heroic rescue from the crumbling ruins of Grace Church in San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake. Join this practice on 12/8 at 6pm PST or later. It will be available throughout December.

We’re calling the next practice in the series Pregnant with Hope. The labyrinth where our Yoga inside the cathedral began is a symbol of deep maternal nurture, designed to help us access our creative potential. This practice will help you unlock your creative self during this time of extraordinary change. What barries are you confronting? How does your practice help you access the beauty and complexity of your inner life, which drives your growth? Join this practice on 12/15 at 6pm PST or later. It will be available throughout December.

The December Reflection Series are a collection of restorative hatha yoga practices led by instructor Darren Main, with music accompaniment by Destiny Muhammad and Amber Field. Yoga with Grace is made possible through the support of yogis like you. Suggested donations are $15, but please give what you can.

Stay safe and strong.

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