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Grace Cathedral

Article | June 13, 2020

Grace Cathedral’s Statement on Anti-Racism

Blog|The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

In this painful and critical moment of our common life, Grace Cathedral stands committed to the deep and ongoing work of anti-racism.

Our baptismal covenant calls us to renounce the evil powers of this world and strive to uphold the dignity of every human being without exception.

It is clear to us that living into our baptismal covenant at this time means using our voices, our collective power, and our resources to demand racial justice and healing and to say, without hesitation, that Black Lives Matter. We recognize that both in the past and in the present our institution has perpetuated racism and that we must begin by naming and dismantling our individual prejudices as well as our collective complicity in institutional racism and white privilege.

We make these commitments:

To name the reality of systemic racism within Grace Cathedral and the wider Episcopal Church and to recognize the culture of white privilege.

To listen to the voices of people of color within the congregation, the staff and the wider church and world community and to act on what we hear.

To provide anti-racism training for all our staff and to build an anti-racism staff and congregation culture. We commit to taking strategic action in our hiring and advancement practices that makes Grace Cathedral a more equal and equitable employer.

To be guided by, and partner with, leaders of color in the local community in working to address racial injustice in the Bay Area.

To pray for the day when all God’s children will be free and know no barriers to the love that should unite us.

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