Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Grace

Blog|The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

God of abundant life

we give you thanks for all your generosity to us your creatures.

For making our beautiful home within the universe of your creative love.

For encouraging us to be gentle and mindful guests on this fragile planet,

and loving us even when we fail.

For inviting us to share with you in holding all people within the circle of our care.

We also pray for all those whose lives are disrupted this Thanksgiving,

especially the refugees of fire in our State.

For those who have lost homes, communities and loved ones.

For those whom we have failed to keep safe, both in the human and the natural world.

For those who have fallen outside the circle of our care.

This Thanksgiving may we all grow in gratitude, wisdom and compassion

So that abundant life may take root more firmly

Throughout our beautiful and fragile planet.

In Jesus’ name.


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