Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | September 15, 2018

Flipping the Script

Blog|Carlos E. Torres

Practicing writing is a way to discern our authentic selves. The process itself often being the antidote to exploring some of the hardest truths like fear, love and self-worth. Yet, this process does not necessarily begin with pen to paper.

In “Telling Your Truth: Writing as a Spiritual Practice,” a workshop led by writer and congregation leader Carol James, I was recently reminded that our creative acts can be broadly defined, even prior to the act of writing. Taking a step back, or even analyzing our own resistance to certain acts allows for a deepening of one’s perception. This opens a space to realizing a much-needed truth quality in that present moment. That truth quality could be patience with oneself and others, or the idea that, in the words of Carol James, “You are a smart, kind, worthy person” — a truth in itself.

This spiritual practice of defining your present moment to achieve greater listening serves much more than the creative function of writing. This spiritual practice is always revolutionary in all aspects of our lives. This spiritual practice is part of a truth-telling process and cannot be rushed.

In this moment, we are invited to define creative acts widely and therefore defiantly, in our search for truth.

To learn more about the workshop Telling Your Truth: Writing as a Spiritual Practice, visit the Classes for Adults page.

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