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Grace Cathedral

Article | July 13, 2017

Dinner With Grace: June at the Crosby

Blog|Nicole Stahl

Dear volunteers,

Thank you to all who have made Dinner with Grace possible. We had a wonderful turnout for both cooking and serving this time around, and I’m glad to see the summer has brought in some newness to the DWG volunteer roster, as well as some familiar faces. All of our volunteers have this “just keep swimming” attitude that has us moving along until the work is done. All of you have contributed to the service in a meaningful way, and I am grateful to you!

A note on serving and sharing meals. We are all welcome to and encouraged to share a meal with our residents. Things are hectic and we don’t really have a break from our duties as servers, but just keep in mind that if you would like to share a meal with the residents, you are most welcome to break and enjoy a meal with residents or each other after the initial service to the tables. It’s always interesting getting to know our residents.

Chris was the lead chef this time around. He had seven volunteer chefs to help him. They toiled in the kitchen and enjoyed a taste of their efforts afterward. The menu included a delicious chicken rice bake that was sure to be a hit on service night. And, of course, it was!  “A healthy meal always includes lots of vegetables,” says our lead chef, Chris. I warmed up the food at Grace Cathedral before Melissa, with thanks to Billy for being on standby, arrived to deliver all the food to the Crosby. Our big-hearted onsite coordinator, Donna, made our introductions and led food service on Wednesday evening. We saw a lot of new folk last week and their help was much appreciated.

No matter their background or skill set, our DwG volunteers always have a couple of things in common—a desire to build community and a commitment to be of service!

Next Month’s Dates:

Tuesday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 12 at the Mentone
Lead chef: Nicole Stahl, Driver: Zeph Cheung
Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 26 at the Crosby
Lead chef Andrew Seidman, Driver: Billy Crawford

The Menu:

  • Chicken & Rice bake with vegetables
  • Mixed greens with cucumbers, feta and nuts
  • Dinner rolls
  • Frosted Brownie bites

Meals Served:  40 for here; 49 to-go plates and 41 residents served plus a few visitors
Leftovers: 2.5 trays of the chicken bake

The Serving Staff:

Lead Chef:  Chris
Associate Chefs:  Diane, Ehsan, Grace, Jay, Linda, Neda, Nicole

Site Coordinator:  Donna
On-site Servers:  Belen, Charis, David, Jim, Margherita, Nicole, Sandra

Food Reheat:  Bill Van Loo

Driver: Billy

Please help us spread the word and invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join us in our fun and meaningful ministry.

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