Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | February 13, 2017

Election Results from the Annual Meeting


Grace Cathedral held its Annual Meeting this past Sunday, February 12. Our community gathered for breakfast and presentations by our dean Malcolm Clemens Young and Bishop Marc Handley Andrus, as well as other leaders of the church and congregation. We heard reports on the cathedral’s progress and financial health in the past year and elected new trustees, council members and deanery delegates.

Read the 2017 Annual Report.

Congratulations to everyone elected.

Diana Marchesi, Benjamin P. Miralles, Jr. and Alma Robinson were elected as Congregation Trustees. 

Rich Alsterberg, Aaron Hill, Connie Holmes, Clare Simmons, Wendy Sinek, Doehee Kimm and Stan Gwyn were elected to Congregation Council. 

Connie Archea, Niall Battson, Gabriela Strand Bruce, Joe Garity, Ron Johnson, Regan Murphy and Karma Quick-Panwala were elected as Deanery Delegates.

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