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Article | May 31, 2016

Cathedral School for Boys Students Join the Stitching Ministry


Over the past two semesters, I have had one of the most unusual knitting experiences of my l-o-n-g history of knitting.

The Grace Cathedral Stitching Ministry was contacted by a teacher from the Cathedral School for Boys who was looking for some classroom help with the 8th grade boys knitting project. About a dozen 8th graders chose knitting as their Project Based Learning (PBL) unit during their final year. PBL offers them a special intensive immersion in one of four topic areas.

While final project is often a paper, in this case, the boys had to choose a pattern and the yarn and make significant progress on the garment. Most chose hats, one chose socks, one chose an intarsia logo of a football team. For their end ‘paper’, they had to create a full Ravelry page, with project outlined, notes on progress, photos.

8th grade boys, can they be still enough to actually knit?  It turns out yes, some knitting, then some getting up and jumping around a bit.  The most impressive part for me was the teacher’s ability to encourage them, guide them to sit and knit, and yet allow for the natural energy of early teenage boys.  One day after they all agreed on a song, we all sat knitting, while they sang. Divine!

It was a joy to be with them, to knit with and help them, and to get a peek into the lives of 8th graders. It was a unique opportunity to be in such an ‘unexpected’ setting, doing what I love. And I owe it all to the Grace Cathedral Stitching Ministry.  How lucky am I?

— Barbara, member of Grace Cathedral’s Stitching Ministry

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