Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | May 7, 2016

Our New Strategic Plan


This Sunday we are beginning the roll-out of our new strategic plan, vision and mission. After months of visioning and collaboration with all parts of our community, we are excited that Grace Cathedral has this important three-year roadmap. We’re posting the plan online, and you will begin to see the new vision and mission statements in our communications:

Our vision: A world where people experience God’s love and are made whole.

Our mission: To share the love of Jesus through compassion, inclusivity, creativity and learning.

The strategic plan focuses on three primary areas. First, we will increase the sense of belonging in our congregation and strengthen programs for children and youth. Second, we will reach out to new people and build community among the people who practice yoga here. Finally, we will consolidate and focus our social justice efforts.

Whether you come to Grace to worship, practice yoga, volunteer, attend a concert, or simply experience peace and reflection in our beautiful space, you are welcome here and a part of our community. We hope that the implementation of our new strategic plan will make the cathedral even more of a home for you.

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